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Cancer Survivor Who Had Her Leg Amputated Says Nothing Will Ever Stop Her From Living Fully

Once again, her fighting spirit kicked in, and she was able to move on with her life. 但几年过去了,一场巨大的健康恐慌袭来.

City of Palms Classic Slam Dunk Champion Goes Viral

A slam dunk champion lights up the internet and even makes it to SportsCenter. Hansel Emmanuel, the kid who made the awarding-winning shot at the City of Palms Classic. He’s a 6’6″ top Division I basketball prospect, and he’s an amputee. 

Wounded Marine Moves Into Smart 威廉希尔中文 Thanks to '阿甘' Actor

阿甘 is one of those movies that continues to make a lasting impression on audiences, 一代又一代. 为Gary Sinise, the扮演丹中尉的演员, platoon leader and wounded companion to Tom Hanks' titular character, the role sparked a passion that transcended acting: honoring and supporting veterans, 急救人员和他们的家人. In 2011, the actor founded the Gary Sinise Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on giving back to those who sacrificed for the country. 自成立以来, the charity has built 74 specially adapted smart homes for wounded heroes, served over half a million meals and provided over 300 relief grants to first responders, 在许多其他项目中.

Rockford Man Using His Journey As An Amputee To Help Others

Matlock keeps a positive outlook and wants to spread it to everyone he meets.

Egyptian Table Tennis Athlete, And Amputee, Captures Hearts In Tokyo Paralympics

在他的 连续第二届残奥会, Egypt's table tennis player and amputee Ibrahim Hamadtou continues to produce jaw-dropping shots using only his mouth.


After a month in a medically induced coma and years of rehab and physical therapy de Lavalette and Simon channeled all the hard work into a seat on the Team USA paralympic equestrian team in the Summer Tokyo Paralympics.


Jose became a triple amputee after stepping on a bomb in Afghanistan. The doctors told his unit he wasn't going to make it. 但十天后他从昏迷中醒来. 他的康复之路并不容易. 事实上,他的胜算不大. He spent two years in the hospital after the explosion and was told he would never walk again. 但这是今天的何塞, catching a wave with Ricochet to inspire other wounded warriors, 以及其他在生活中挣扎的人.

Into The Outdoors With Double Amputee Johnny ‘Joey’ 琼斯

看几分钟的 福克斯国家户外 系列 (part of Fox News’ subscription streaming platform) with Johnny ‘Joey’ 琼斯 (“Triple J” to his friends) and the first thing you notice is his passion for being in the wild, 他对生活的热爱. It’s the kind of revelation that often comes after a near brush with death. 

Cancer Survivor, Amputee Wins Electric Bike In Dance Competition

It’s hard to look on the bright side of life when you’re facing hardships in life, right?  But that’s exactly what one Scottsdale girl did when she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. 


在接下来的12年里 he would go on to become a world-class Paralympic athlete, winning gold and silver medals in the 2018 Paralympic Games, 参加各种冬季运动, 包括越野赛, 雪地自行车越野, 和滑雪, and winning other gold and silver medals along the way. 事实上, 他现在是10次极限运动会金牌得主, after returning from the recent Winter X Games 2020 in Aspen, 科罗拉多州.

Former Miss Colombia Is Making The Most Out Of A Difficult Journey

前哥伦比亚小姐 video just weeks after leg amputation: 'We must be resilient in life'

他失去了一条腿,然后又找到了自行车. 现在他势不可挡.


An interview with Dmitry Knyazev on amputee diving

Dmitry Knyazev has been a DDI Instructor and an inspirational member of our organisation since 2016. 自从成为一名残疾潜水教练以来, Dmitry has been on a quest to get as many people with disabilities in the water as possible and has been a true ambassador for disabled diving, 尤其是对俄罗斯的潜水员来说. 

2015年,他创建了 开放水域挑战项目. The goal of his project is to create motivational stories about how people with disabilities overcome the limits of their reality. As Dmitry was already an avid professional diver, he chose diving as the challenge. Each project participant has their own challenge and purpose for taking part. Dmitry documents the progression and triumphs of his divers through filming and 相片画廊.

Amputee Golfer Reflects On His Encounter With Tiger Woods, 'My Favorite Moment Of My Life'

As he prep是d to hit his shot, Luke paused—a man with a plan. Ever since doctors amputated his right leg above the knee at age 15 because of bone cancer, 他一直在单腿打高尔夫球, and he wasn't about to hit this shot any different. 所有的目光都盯着他, 他取下了义肢, and—to general astonishment—handed it to Tiger Woods. 

How Double Amputee Cedric King Inspired The Carolina Panthers

在阿富汗坎大哈,第一上士. Cedric King of the 82nd Airborne was walking a patrol that would alter the trajectory of his life. 在他巡逻的过程中. King stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) that detonated beneath his feet. He spent eight days in a coma, awakening to find he’d lost both legs in the explosion. Broken in mind and body, he connected with the Panthers and head coach Ron Rivera — and found new purpose and new meaning to his life. 






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